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Sell More Using Fewer Words.

Cut all the noise out of your marketing and revenue will go up.

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When you confuse, you cease to exist in the mind of your customer.

Your messaging doesn’t have to be a muddle. Smooth your path to revenue by cutting through the noise.

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Marketing that Actually Works

Quickly communicate the value of what you offer and remove the friction from your sales and marketing.

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A Referral Engine

Make it easy for customers to sing your praises. Give them the clarity the need to sell for you.

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Energized Employees

Quickly communicate the value of what you offer and remove the friction from your sales and marketing

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Why This Works So Well. 

I get it. Clarity is hard. But clarity is that difficult thing that makes things easy for your customers. Your website works better, your sales force gets more traction and your customer refer more business. 

Nobody has the time to figure out your confusing messaging, so you’re losing sales. I can cut all the noise out of your sales and marketing. As a result, revenue will go up. 

You could do it for yourself, but you are way too close to what you do. Which is frustrating. I mean, you have a great product, why is is this so hard.

We believe your messaging should never get in the way of the value you have to offer. We kill words, because we believe that growing small businesses is the most powerful way to make the world a better place.

Here’s what our client Lisa had to say:

“Patrick can cut through the bullshit like nobody else I know. I don’t have that skill, so I keep calling him.”

Here’s how we do it.

1) You schedule a call
2) We kill a lot of words.
3) Your revenue goes up.

So schedule a call now. And in the meantime, download our free ebook, How to Kill a Word, and learn some wordmurdering skills of your own. 

Stop confusing people and losing sales. Instead, let us make everything clear so it’s easier to grow your business. 

Start with an assessment today